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Papas Cupcakeria - Another Review

Papa is back at it again with the newest cooking management game called Papa's Cupcakeria, another idea in a long line of food business games provided by Flipline Studios. The general format remains the same as the other Papa games available, such as Freezeria and Burgeria to just name a few. However, there are some noticeable differences that keep the series interesting, and might attract some new players looking to curb their sweet tooth. One large difference is the storyline, which takes a dramatic turn when the player is forced to work at the Cupcakeria in order to pay off a debt for hitting Papa’s car. 

To begin the game, players get to choose the character that they wish to be. James and Willow are the standard options, or a custom worker can be created. While it may be fun to create a character, it can be time consuming from the large number of choices available and the character is still left with the same hideous uniform. Then, players can watch a short introduction that details the storyline like a modern-day soap opera, or it can be skipped. Afterwards, it is day one in the cupcake shop for some training. 

Players first take the customer’s order and copy down their cupcake desires. Then, it is time to get the apron on and start baking at the batter station. Using the mouse, the player has to recreate the customer’s order exactly by filling up the baking cups. It sounds easier than it actually is, because the game is a stickler for making the batter line up exactly to a printed line on the cup. It wastes no time reprimanding an overfilled cup. 

Next, players head to the bake station, where they will use the mouse to drag the cupcake pan into the oven. After waiting for the timer to slowly tick away, the game moves to the final step of building the cupcake. Following orders, the player must assemble the cupcake perfectly by adding frosting, chocolate, sprinkles, or cherries. Icing is perhaps the hardest feature of any Papa game to date, and will definitely take some practice. Finally, the customer will determine if the cupcake satisfies their tastes and will give a tip based on the worthiness of the treat. 

Overall, Papa’s Cupcakeria can be a challenging, yet fun game that allows players the chance to try out the baking career they always dreamed about. If players like these types of games from the Papa’s franchise, they will definitely love the newest installment. 

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Hier geht's zu deutschen Version von Papas Cupcakeria!

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