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Splixio is the new .io! is a game accessible from desktop and mobile platforms. The game requires only a username to start, which you can change with every new life, and then it drops you right into the action.

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“” is an online multiplayer dogfighting game that boils down the play to a very basic and fast-paced experience. The graphics in the game are incredibly simple. Everything is small and has the barest amount of detail. This becomes a problem when you are trying to look at the icons on the special items dropping from the sky. It is also a problem because you can customize your plane with decals although they are barely visible. The scrolling is a little disorienting since everything moves very quickly even at the slightest touch from the mouse. The sound effects are minimal and do just fine.

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Warland 2

Warland 2 is a free online first person shooter game developed by NPlay for PC devices that allow the Unity Engine. Players will find themselves aboard a space station somewhere deep in the unknown depths of the galaxy with one mission: kill the enemies. Players can choose to join the blue or red team and have ten minutes to rack up the most kills for their team to be the victorious team. Warland 2 is still in development, but it's far enough in development to be considered a quality web browser game.

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Popstar Dentist - Der Zahnarzt der Promis!

Wie oft sagen die Eltern ihren Kindern, dass sie nicht zu viel Süßes essen und mindestens drei Minuten früh und abends die Zähne putzen sollen. Aber natürlich wurden diese Gebete nicht erhört. Und so ist es nahezu unausweichlich, dass die Warteschlange beim Zahnarzt so lang wie nie ist. Da scheint es für die Popstars von Heute und Morgen nicht sehr vorteilhaft zu sein, wenn die Zähne gelblich oder von Karies befallen jeden Auftritt und das Selbstvertrauen ruinieren. Bei all diesem medialen Rummel um die Showgrößen kann ein Kamerablick auf das verfaulte Gebiss den Abstieg in die Normalität bedeuten – und dies darf unter keinen Umständen geschehen. So darf sich der Spieler als Zahnarzt der Starlets seine Einnahmen sichern, die VIPs vom Leid in der Mundhöhle befreien und zudem deren wunderschönes, blitzblank strahlendes Lächeln zurückholen.

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Flipping Jellies

A Game that Will Challenge Your Mind

If you are looking for a fun game that will challenge your mind, then Flipping Jellies is the perfect game for you. Flipping Jellies requires players to carefully move little pieces around a board in order to replicate a shape or series of shapes that are shown at the top of the game's screen. Players are required to flip tiles over and shuffle them around to get them in the right position before time runs out. The time counts down quickly, so players should be ready to act fast. The game is simple to learn yet highly addictive, and it offers a challenge to game players of all ages and abilities.

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Frenzy Hotel 2 - A Review

Frenzy Hotel 2 is a really cute and entertaining game that will challenge your multitasking skills while providing a fun and rather frenzied diversion when you’ve got some time to kill. This game will be great for kids over the age of eight, or adults who like simple games to get their minds off of the pressures of life. As a bonus, anyone in the hotel service industry will be able to relate to the fast-paced atmosphere of trying to please many customers at once.

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Papas Cupcakeria - Another Review

Papa is back at it again with the newest cooking management game called Papa's Cupcakeria, another idea in a long line of food business games provided by Flipline Studios. The general format remains the same as the other Papa games available, such as Freezeria and Burgeria to just name a few. However, there are some noticeable differences that keep the series interesting, and might attract some new players looking to curb their sweet tooth. One large difference is the storyline, which takes a dramatic turn when the player is forced to work at the Cupcakeria in order to pay off a debt for hitting Papa’s car. 

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Dreamfields: A Refreshing New Farm Game

In Dreamfields, a relatively new social game, the player is taken on a journey in some far off fantasy world. The game emphasizes on the use of imagination in the dream world, and it does a marvelous job at drawing the players away from the stresses of reality, even if for just a moment. Dreamfields is quite refreshing compared to other social games that have been on the market longer, as the game has surprisingly good graphics with an interesting storyline that keeps their players coming back for more!

Game Play
Like most farm games, Dreamfields game play relies upon a type of 'energy' system. This means that players are allotted a certain number of tasks they can do while playing. The 'energy,' or in this case it is known as Fantasy, will gradually build back up over the course of a few hours. The energy system, combined with the games intriguing storyline, creates an experience that makes players want to come back an play without 'burning' themselves out too fast.
An amazing different between this game, Dreamfields, and some other well known social games, is the fact that the player is not required to pester their friends to join them in the fantasy world. In fact, the social 'requirement' part of the game is quite minimal, and most of the tasks can be completed without having to beg someone else for help. 

In-Game Store and Support
Unfortunately, the game also brings the ever popular 'in-game' app store with it. The player can purchase Lunar Crystals with their money, and then the crystals can be used to accelerate their progress in the game. If a person doesn't have an aversion to spending their money, then they will find themselves with plenty to purchase with the crystals. However, caution would be best used if the player doesn't intent to make any purchases.
Interestingly enough, Dreamfields provides a very thorough help section that allows the players to contact the developers for support. The player can even give feedback on the game! There are also known problems listed in the same section, and then some solutions to help the player resolve the issues. In all honesty, the quality of the support provide seems to be much more excellent than that seen in other popular social games.
All in all, Dreamfields is a marvelous game that is worth the time it takes to play.



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Freefall Tournament - Fast Paced MMO Action

Freefall Tournament is a fresh new mix on your typical third-person shooter game. The implementation of an open world setting and the multitude of weapon options are some of the highlights of this game. However, being a newer game, it also has its downfalls as well. But does the good outweigh the bad and make Freefall Tournament a game you should check out? Keep reading to find out!

As you would expect with most other third-person shooter games, Freefall tournament allows you to choose what type of player you are best at. You can select different classes, including gunner, tank, scout, tech, blaster, blazer, shocker and assassin. Each of these have different areas that they specialize at and can really be utilized well depending on your playing style. Furthermore, each class is given different power-ups and abilities, making it different for each player in the game. An added benefit of the classes is that if you aren’t happy with a particular class on a certain map, you can easily switch before your respawn. The characters and weapons are certainly a highlight of Freefall Tournament. 

Another highlight of the game is the open world settings and the ability to virtually fly anywhere. Yes, that’s right, fly! Freefall Tournament players have jetpacks that allow them to fly all over the maps in the game. This means no more falling to your death, like in other popular shooting games (Unreal Tournament). It makes it quite fun to fly around with your jetpack, and this feature adds some really unique elements to in-air battles between you and your opponents. 

That said, although the jetpack feature is awesome and adds a lot of fun to the game, it does make it increasingly difficult to find potential enemies to battle. Often times you can fly around for what seems like forever and not find anyone to battle with. Nonetheless, as more players learn of Freefall tournament and lobbies get more full, this will probably no longer be an issue. Hopefully the jetpack feature will remain a highlight and more people will be involved with the game. 

Another thing that will hopefully be improved with Freefall Tournament is the amount of maps currently available. For a simple internet game, the graphics are pretty awesome, but it’ll be nice when there is more to look at than what is currently provided. Let’s hope that as the game gains popularity, this too will increase.

Aside from the minimal maps and the difficulty finding players at times, this game is really fun. It provides more than just your typical shooter, as you can fly around with jetpacks if that’s all you want to do. And with the way it’s played on the computer, the strategy and battle element to the game is certainly a first-rate experience. As Freefall Tournament gains popularity, its sure that this game will only get better with time.

Good Luck!

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Turbo Rally Thrills

Turbo Rally is a racing game developed by Turbo Boing. If you're a fan of casual racing games, and especially if you're a fan of retro or classic rally games, you definitely need to check this out. 

You start out in a basic rally car in a race in Mexico. As you go through the track you can collect boost power ups, collectible trophies, and other power ups. When you finish the race you win some cash (or are allowed to retry if you didn't do so well.) Depending on how well you do, you can win up to three stars for your performance. As you earn stars you unlock races in other places. There are races to enjoy on six continents (Antarctica is for some reason excluded. I think racing there may be illegal, made so by penguin Congress.) 

The races are fun and engaging. There are other vehicles in your path that you have to navigate around in addition to the numerous tights turns and obstacles. I enjoyed my time on the track and will definitely be coming back to Turbo Rally to test myself against the track. You are mainly racing the clock, but a feature I enjoyed is the game stores your best time. There are checkpoints around the track, and these let you measure your current race against your best one. For instance, after I upgraded my car I tried the track in Mexico again and saw in several instances at checkpoints that I was doing better by several seconds.

The controls are fluid and well done. You have the direction keys, boost, and handbraking for those tight corners. Once I was comfortable with the control scheme I was taking hard corners with ease. That's not to say that the game became very easy; it didn't. However, I felt in control of my vehicle, and that's a good feeling in any game, and especially a racing game. 

The sound effects are excellent. I enjoyed the sound of the roaring engine and crashing through cones, barrels, and other barriers gives a satisfying impact. My only complaint sound wise is there seems to be only one musical track for the game. I would have enjoyed more music to listen to while racing, but it's not so loud or imposing that it really detracted from the game at all.

All in all, Turbo Rally is a great example of the classic rally racing genre. It's fun, with good controls, a huge variety of tracks, and rewards replay with achievements, collectibles, and other incentives.




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