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Freefall Tournament - Fast Paced MMO Action

Freefall Tournament is a fresh new mix on your typical third-person shooter game. The implementation of an open world setting and the multitude of weapon options are some of the highlights of this game. However, being a newer game, it also has its downfalls as well. But does the good outweigh the bad and make Freefall Tournament a game you should check out? Keep reading to find out!

As you would expect with most other third-person shooter games, Freefall tournament allows you to choose what type of player you are best at. You can select different classes, including gunner, tank, scout, tech, blaster, blazer, shocker and assassin. Each of these have different areas that they specialize at and can really be utilized well depending on your playing style. Furthermore, each class is given different power-ups and abilities, making it different for each player in the game. An added benefit of the classes is that if you aren’t happy with a particular class on a certain map, you can easily switch before your respawn. The characters and weapons are certainly a highlight of Freefall Tournament. 

Another highlight of the game is the open world settings and the ability to virtually fly anywhere. Yes, that’s right, fly! Freefall Tournament players have jetpacks that allow them to fly all over the maps in the game. This means no more falling to your death, like in other popular shooting games (Unreal Tournament). It makes it quite fun to fly around with your jetpack, and this feature adds some really unique elements to in-air battles between you and your opponents. 

That said, although the jetpack feature is awesome and adds a lot of fun to the game, it does make it increasingly difficult to find potential enemies to battle. Often times you can fly around for what seems like forever and not find anyone to battle with. Nonetheless, as more players learn of Freefall tournament and lobbies get more full, this will probably no longer be an issue. Hopefully the jetpack feature will remain a highlight and more people will be involved with the game. 

Another thing that will hopefully be improved with Freefall Tournament is the amount of maps currently available. For a simple internet game, the graphics are pretty awesome, but it’ll be nice when there is more to look at than what is currently provided. Let’s hope that as the game gains popularity, this too will increase.

Aside from the minimal maps and the difficulty finding players at times, this game is really fun. It provides more than just your typical shooter, as you can fly around with jetpacks if that’s all you want to do. And with the way it’s played on the computer, the strategy and battle element to the game is certainly a first-rate experience. As Freefall Tournament gains popularity, its sure that this game will only get better with time.

Good Luck!

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