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Turbo Rally Thrills

Turbo Rally is a racing game developed by Turbo Boing. If you're a fan of casual racing games, and especially if you're a fan of retro or classic rally games, you definitely need to check this out. 

You start out in a basic rally car in a race in Mexico. As you go through the track you can collect boost power ups, collectible trophies, and other power ups. When you finish the race you win some cash (or are allowed to retry if you didn't do so well.) Depending on how well you do, you can win up to three stars for your performance. As you earn stars you unlock races in other places. There are races to enjoy on six continents (Antarctica is for some reason excluded. I think racing there may be illegal, made so by penguin Congress.) 

The races are fun and engaging. There are other vehicles in your path that you have to navigate around in addition to the numerous tights turns and obstacles. I enjoyed my time on the track and will definitely be coming back to Turbo Rally to test myself against the track. You are mainly racing the clock, but a feature I enjoyed is the game stores your best time. There are checkpoints around the track, and these let you measure your current race against your best one. For instance, after I upgraded my car I tried the track in Mexico again and saw in several instances at checkpoints that I was doing better by several seconds.

The controls are fluid and well done. You have the direction keys, boost, and handbraking for those tight corners. Once I was comfortable with the control scheme I was taking hard corners with ease. That's not to say that the game became very easy; it didn't. However, I felt in control of my vehicle, and that's a good feeling in any game, and especially a racing game. 

The sound effects are excellent. I enjoyed the sound of the roaring engine and crashing through cones, barrels, and other barriers gives a satisfying impact. My only complaint sound wise is there seems to be only one musical track for the game. I would have enjoyed more music to listen to while racing, but it's not so loud or imposing that it really detracted from the game at all.

All in all, Turbo Rally is a great example of the classic rally racing genre. It's fun, with good controls, a huge variety of tracks, and rewards replay with achievements, collectibles, and other incentives.




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