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“” is an online multiplayer dogfighting game that boils down the play to a very basic and fast-paced experience. The graphics in the game are incredibly simple. Everything is small and has the barest amount of detail. This becomes a problem when you are trying to look at the icons on the special items dropping from the sky. It is also a problem because you can customize your plane with decals although they are barely visible. The scrolling is a little disorienting since everything moves very quickly even at the slightest touch from the mouse. The sound effects are minimal and do just fine.

The basic concept of “” is that you are the pilot of a fighter jet. Your only goal is to destroy all the other fighter jets currently in the game. The game uses a side-scrolling display and not a true three-dimensional one. This gives it a somewhat cartoonish, arcade-like feel. You control your plane with the mouse. A circle is around your jet showing the current heading. Sliding the mouse around turns your jet almost instantly. You are always going at one constant speed unless you get a power-up. The left mouse button or space bar fires your weapon.

You start the game in a jet fighter with a default weapon. A meter in the upper left corner of the screen shows you how much ammo you have left. All weapons in the game have limited ammo. Power-ups containing different weapons are constantly falling from the top of the gameplay area allowing you to switch guns or get more ammo at almost any time.

Ten players are the maximum in each room for this game. Each player needs to maneuver around, shoot and blow up other planes. There are no computer-controlled planes. Destroying a plane earns you points. The top scoring player gets a small crown as an icon. There seems to be no end to the match. You just keep firing and dogfighting until you get bored or achieve the score you want. Players respawn almost instantly. There are achievements like kill streaks that pop up occasionally.

“” has a few issues. The first is that you cannot choose a room. You are automatically assigned to a room on the server. The game has no ultimate goal or win state. It is just a constant dogfight. The action is fast-paced and easy to get into after just a few seconds. A spectator mode also helps. “” is a fun multiplayer game for anyone who wants to kill a little time battling against others in an open-air arena.



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