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Warland 2

Warland 2 is a free online first person shooter game developed by NPlay for PC devices that allow the Unity Engine. Players will find themselves aboard a space station somewhere deep in the unknown depths of the galaxy with one mission: kill the enemies. Players can choose to join the blue or red team and have ten minutes to rack up the most kills for their team to be the victorious team. Warland 2 is still in development, but it's far enough in development to be considered a quality web browser game.

The graphics in Warland 2 makes this game shine the most of the hundreds of rehashed FPS Unity-based games. The low to medium graphics are sure to impress most gamers. Combine the full-screen resolution with the "Highest" option selected for graphics causes the game to appear to be a blockbuster FPS release. The graphical models have been scaled up and scaled down to fit just about any monitor resolution. Warland 2 has been optimized to run smoothly; no frames-per-second decrease was experienced during gameplay.

Controlling the character is simple. Warland 2 uses the typical AWSD keys to move and the mouse to shoot and aim. The Z, X, and C keys can be used to activate invisibility, thermal vision, and crouch. Pressing tab opens the scoreboard and F makes the game full-screen. Holding shift allows the character to run; double tapping shift will cause him to sprint. Players can communicate via chat by pressing T.

Unfortunately, only one map can be played -- the space station. The developers made up for this by creating a huge map, making this game fun for large population matches. You can't switch weapons during a match, but you can unlock three other guns by earning experience points. The gameplay is a little bland, but the support for multiplayer action and the option to reset a player's profile adds some replay value to the game. Warland 2 needs some polishing, but it's ready to be enjoyed as is.

The difficulty of Warland 2 depends on the skill of the other players online. There isn't an option to play offline, so predicting the difficulty is impossible.

Overall, Begone: Warland 2 is an excellent FPS Unity game that can be enjoyed for hours. NPlay hasn't completely finished just yet, so expect an improved Warland 2 within the next few months.


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