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Splixio is the new .io! is a game accessible from desktop and mobile platforms. The game requires only a username to start, which you can change with every new life, and then it drops you right into the action.

The core gameplay of Splixio is a modern, multiplayer twist on the arcade classic Qix, an arena-based top-down game concerned with filling the play space with as much of your color as possible, by moving around and closing lines, creating complete shapes without having your that line split by an opponent. There have been countless variations on this type of game since its conception, but almost all of them have been lacking in creativity. In addition, almost all of them have been firmly single-player. is a multiplayer version of the classic, and the combat shines in new ways with the addition of real-time, real-life opponents. You and your enemies have a common goal like in Qix, trying to fill as much of the gigantic play space with your own color while killing your opponents by splitting their lines in the process. The game draws additional inspiration from other highly popular .io games such and, pitting you against anonymous enemies with on-the-spot and always changing usernames. The simple and colorful graphics and the accessible addictive gameplay are also reminiscent of those games.

The combat stays fresh with a rotating roster of opponents as people frequently sign in and out, but the game is open to all and so there is never a shortage of people to play with and fight against. Overall the game is a joy to play, great fun that doesn't wear quickly; the excitement of you and your enemy dueling to break each others lines, dodging and darting, stays fresh indefinitely, and there is an endless satisfaction in taking someone out and drawing a big square of your own color over their hard-earned territory. Of course, dying sets you back to square one as well, and so care and planning are essential to longevity.

I'd recommend to anyone with a taste for multiplayer mayhem and strategic risk-taking games. If you don't like to earn your territory, then might not be for you. But if you love the feeling of defeating an opponent, outsmarting an opponent, and taking what you've earned, then you'll love Play it from any browser, desktop or mobile, and join in on the action today.


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