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Frenzy Hotel 2 - A Review

Frenzy Hotel 2 is a really cute and entertaining game that will challenge your multitasking skills while providing a fun and rather frenzied diversion when you’ve got some time to kill. This game will be great for kids over the age of eight, or adults who like simple games to get their minds off of the pressures of life. As a bonus, anyone in the hotel service industry will be able to relate to the fast-paced atmosphere of trying to please many customers at once.

The game starts with a simple intro that teaches you how to move the characters around the game screen. In Frenzy Hotel 2, your role is a hotel concierge who must move guests back and forth between the reception desk, rooms, restaurant, shop and more. It’s nice that the characters can all be moved with mouse clicks, and no keyboard keys are necessary to play.

The various hotel guests indicate their needs with conversation bubbles containing icons representing where they need to go. The icons are pretty small, and as the pace of the game picks up, it can be difficult to discern what the guests need. This is part of the fun, and you’ll start to feel your heart pounding a bit as you struggle to keep up with the demanding visitors.

Like in real hotels Frenzy Hotel 2 provides a monetary goal for each scene, and you must meet or exceed the goal to pass on to the next level. You earn money every time you meet a guest’s needs in a timely fashion, and this is indicated by a cheerfully beating heart icon when the guest checks out. Guests who are made to wait too long for service display a disgruntled raincloud icon, and your heart will sink when you see that black cloud pop up. This means that you probably won’t pass the level, but you can always use the retry option as many times as you wish.

The game really gets challenging around level four. In this level, special guests begin to make appearances among the regular visitors. These guests are celebrities, and they are marked by a discreet gold star. These guests are a priority, and you can earn extra money by moving them from place to place efficiently. The difficulty lies in how to prioritize these celebrity visitors without letting down the regular guests, and these tasks actually become quite difficult as you advance.

Enjoy Frenzy Hotel!

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