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Flipping Jellies

A Game that Will Challenge Your Mind

If you are looking for a fun game that will challenge your mind, then Flipping Jellies is the perfect game for you. Flipping Jellies requires players to carefully move little pieces around a board in order to replicate a shape or series of shapes that are shown at the top of the game's screen. Players are required to flip tiles over and shuffle them around to get them in the right position before time runs out. The time counts down quickly, so players should be ready to act fast. The game is simple to learn yet highly addictive, and it offers a challenge to game players of all ages and abilities.

Finding the Level that is Right for You 

One of the most exciting things about Flipping Jellies is the fact that you get to complete 27 puzzles over the course of the entire game. From the easy puzzles at the "Toddler" stage of the game to the near impossible puzzles at the "Hellboy" stage of the game, Flipping Jellies is constantly testing your decision making abilities. The fewer moves that it takes you to finish the puzzle, the more stars you will earn for a particular level. Your goal is to earn three stars on each level. This is a challenging task that will keep you focused on perfection while you are playing the game. 

Mastering the Art of the Jelly Flip

While it is simple to click on the jellies and make them change colors, it is important to remember that not every jelly will turn over when they are clicked. There are times when you will have to shuffle all of your tiles before the game will allow you to flip a jelly over. Shuffling your jellies may mess up your entire board and could make it impossible for you to finish the puzzle before the time runs out. It may also allow you to finally get that one piece into place in order to beat the level that has been giving you a hard time for hours on end. Flipping Jellies is a game with a high replay value,and it is a smart choice for fans of mobile games.

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