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Dreamfields: A Refreshing New Farm Game

In Dreamfields, a relatively new social game, the player is taken on a journey in some far off fantasy world. The game emphasizes on the use of imagination in the dream world, and it does a marvelous job at drawing the players away from the stresses of reality, even if for just a moment. Dreamfields is quite refreshing compared to other social games that have been on the market longer, as the game has surprisingly good graphics with an interesting storyline that keeps their players coming back for more!

Game Play
Like most farm games, Dreamfields game play relies upon a type of 'energy' system. This means that players are allotted a certain number of tasks they can do while playing. The 'energy,' or in this case it is known as Fantasy, will gradually build back up over the course of a few hours. The energy system, combined with the games intriguing storyline, creates an experience that makes players want to come back an play without 'burning' themselves out too fast.
An amazing different between this game, Dreamfields, and some other well known social games, is the fact that the player is not required to pester their friends to join them in the fantasy world. In fact, the social 'requirement' part of the game is quite minimal, and most of the tasks can be completed without having to beg someone else for help. 

In-Game Store and Support
Unfortunately, the game also brings the ever popular 'in-game' app store with it. The player can purchase Lunar Crystals with their money, and then the crystals can be used to accelerate their progress in the game. If a person doesn't have an aversion to spending their money, then they will find themselves with plenty to purchase with the crystals. However, caution would be best used if the player doesn't intent to make any purchases.
Interestingly enough, Dreamfields provides a very thorough help section that allows the players to contact the developers for support. The player can even give feedback on the game! There are also known problems listed in the same section, and then some solutions to help the player resolve the issues. In all honesty, the quality of the support provide seems to be much more excellent than that seen in other popular social games.
All in all, Dreamfields is a marvelous game that is worth the time it takes to play.



(via jayisgames)

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